Greetings from the Director

At our clinic, we offer comprehensive Japanese-style health check-up, called PHA (phsycal health assessment) to support the health management of individuals living abroad. The best prevention against diseases is early detection. In our clinic, we provide meticulous services and set specific examination items. Moreover, our medical staff, including doctors, will provide detailed follow-up services after your visit. We encourage you to utilize our PHA for the maintenance of your health.

What is PHA?

One of the purposes of undergoing a PHA is the “early detection of lifestyle diseases.” By exploring the potential disease factors based on the social background, medical history, and family medical history of the patient, it becomes possible to prevent diseases. Living in the United States, it is important to be cautious of factors such as consuming foods high in fats and oils, lack of exercise due to an automobile-dependent society, and stress from living in a different cultural environment, as they can contribute to lifestyle diseases. Another purpose is the “early detection of diseases” by promptly identifying any abnormalities and seeking treatment.

Characteristics of Our PHA

At our clinic, we offer various packages, including basic examination items to check overall bodily conditions, packages based on the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, as well as packages for women and children.

Corporate PHA Information

As a reliable partner for companies, we also provide corporate health check-up to protect the health of your employees. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries regarding examination contents or requesting a quotation.

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Downloads for PHA

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The process


An advance reservation is required for all appointments. We accept reservations by phone or online.

Phone number: 847-952-8910
2)Examination Instructions

After completing the application process, we will send you instructions and important information regarding the examination to the email address you provided.

3)Day of Examination (Arrival at the Clinic – Tests and Consultation)

You will be asked to fill out necessary documents at the front desk. Afterward, please change into the examination gown in the changing room and proceed with measurements and tests according to the specific examination package. On the same day, you will also have a consultation with a doctor. Please note that the duration of the PHA and the order of tests may vary depending on the package and items. Thank you for your understanding.

4)Day of Examination (After Completion)

You will receive a kit for a stool examination at the front desk. If you have undergone a barium examination, you will also be provided with a laxative.

5)Day of Examination (Payment)

If you are paying for the PHA on the same day, please make the payment at the front desk. We accept cash, checks, or credit cards.

Accepted credit cards: VISA, MasterCard

For corporate check-ups, we can also send an invoice to the company’s address. Generally, PHA are not covered by insurance, but it is possible to submit a claim to a U.S. insurance company if desired. Please confirm with your insurance company regarding coverage and make the necessary arrangements in advance.

※ If submitting a claim to an insurance company, our package prices will not be applicable.

※ All payments after insurance claims will be based on the insurance company’s statement.

For further details, please contact the front desk.
(Excluding certain insurance companies)

6)Result report

Approximately three weeks after your examination date, we will send you the result report by mail.


Before the examination


The evening before the examination

  • Please have a light and easily digestible dinner by 8:00 PM the night before the examination.
  • You can consume water and tea until midnight.
  • Avoid alcohol and staying up late.

On the morning of the examination

  • Please refrain from eating or drinking anything, including water, tea, tobacco, etc., before coming to the clinic.
  • Discontinue any medications you are taking in the morning of the examination. If necessary, bring them with you and take them after the health check-up is completed. However, if you are unable to stop taking medication due to your condition, please consult your primary physician in advance.
  • Refrain from using perfume, body lotion, oil, powder, etc.
  • If you wear glasses, please remember to bring them.

During the examination

  • If you are pregnant or may be pregnant, please inform us in advance. X-ray examinations, mammography, and cervical cytology cannot be performed in such cases.
  • For nursing mothers, we do not recommend breast ultrasound as it may affect the accuracy of the examination. Additionally, you cannot undergo mammography.
  • During menstruation, you cannot undergo urine tests and cervical cytology. Please remove the following items as they may interfere with the examination: underwear with metal parts, necklaces, wristwatches, bracelets, earrings, and piercings.

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